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Tracing Jesus' Footsteps in the Heart of Jordan

Experience the ultimate adventure with our meticulously curated group trip to Amman and Petra. This all-inclusive package features flights, luxurious stays at two top-tier hotels, and daily breakfasts and dinners to indulge your senses. Discover the ancient wonders of Petra, explore Amman's vibrant culture, and embark on thrilling tours guided by knowledgeable English-speaking experts. Join us for an unforgettable journey where every detail is designed to immerse you in the beauty and history of Jordan.


Flights, IAD only

Luxury hotels, Amman and Petra

Daily breakfast and dinners

Amman and Jerash City Tours

Bethany, Jesus Christ baptism

Dead Sea and Jordan River viewing

Little Petra and Shobak Crusaders Castle tour

Mt. Nebo, Mountaintop memorial of Moses

Dead sea beach  in Jordan .jpg

Dead Sea Beach


Luxury Tours

Amman City/Jerash/Ajloun

After breakfast you will have an Amman City tour that includes the visit of the citadel, Roman Theatre, the archaeological museum, old & new Parts of Amman. Then drive to visit the Roman city of Jerash visiting Maximus Cardo, the colonnaded street flanked by temples, churches, theatres & endless mosaics.

Continue to visit Ajloun Castle is an awe-inspiring Islamic fortress that withstood the power of the Crusader armies in the 12th Century. Climbing the narrow staircases and walking through endless hallways takes you back to a time of chivalry and faith, where you can almost imagine the sounds of battling Iron and the sight of the raging battlefield.

Back to Amman for dinner and overnight at the hotel.


Bethany & Dead Sea

Meet your knowledgeable guide and embark on a journey to Bethany, the revered site where Jesus Christ received baptism from John the Baptist—an essential pilgrimage destination for Christians globally.

Afterward, venture to the enchanting Dead Sea, where you'll enjoy a day pass to the prestigious Mövenpick Dead Sea Hotel. Here, indulge in the luxury resort's world-class facilities and savor the therapeutic benefits of floating effortlessly in the mineral-rich waters, creating unforgettable memories of relaxation and rejuvenation.


Madaba, Mt. Nebo and Little Petra

Depart for Petra and embark on an enriching journey, pausing en route to explore the historical treasures of Jordan. Begin at Mount Nebo, a sacred mountaintop memorializing Moses, offering breathtaking vistas of the Jordan Valley, Dead Sea, and River Jordan—a poignant testament to biblical history.

Next, venture to Madaba, renowned as the "City of Mosaics," where you'll marvel at the intricate mosaic map adorning the floors of the Greek Orthodox Church of St. George. This ancient artwork, depicting the Holy Land, is celebrated as one of the oldest maps in the world.

Continue your expedition with visits to Little Petra, a fascinating archaeological site showcasing Nabataean architecture and artistry, and Shobak Crusader's Castle, a formidable fortress steeped in medieval history. Immerse yourself in Jordan's rich heritage as you journey towards the awe-inspiring marvels of Petra, an unforgettable highlight of your adventure.

Jordan flag on Jordan country Map.jpg

What's Included

Flights - from IAD

Fairmont Amman & Mövenpick Petra hotels

Airport transfers

All ground transportation

Several guided tours

Daily breakfast & dinner

Amman (4 days), Petra (3 days)

Dead Sea and Jordan River views

All entry fees

Small Deposit, monthly payments

VEI travel specialist

English speaking tour guides


Full-Service Option

$4,599 per person (double)
$5,899 per person (single)

Land Based Package:

$3,499 per person (double)
$4,799 per person (single)

Payment Plan Option





$100 deposit - per person

September 1, 2024

$200 per month (per person)

December 31, 2025

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Petra, Jordan_ Horse drawning a carriage for tourists transportation to the Treasury throu


Visit the Rose Red city of Petra to start a full day of touring which will include such main sites as the "Siq", a long winding fissure between two walls of overhanging cliffs, the "Khazneh", referred to as the Treasury, the Street of Facades, the Court House and the Amphitheatre.

Horse back riding in Petra is part of the entry ticket. Clients can choose to ride horses for the short distance between Petra site entrance and starting point of the Siq, or go the distance on foot.

Rock in Petra (Rose City), Jordan. The city of Petra was lost for over 1000 years. Now one of the Seven Wonders of the Word


Wadi Rum

Embark on a scenic drive from Petra to Wadi Rum, famously known as the "Valley of the Moon," Jordan's largest and most awe-inspiring desert landscape. This cinematic terrain has served as a backdrop for numerous blockbuster films, offering a surreal blend of towering sandstone mountains and vast, untouched wilderness.

Delight in a thrilling 2-hour 4x4 jeep tour deep into the heart of Wadi Rum, guided by experienced local Bedouins who share their intimate knowledge and stories of this ancient desert. Experience the exhilaration of traversing undulating sand dunes, discovering ancient petroglyphs, and witnessing breathtaking panoramic views that evoke a sense of timeless wonder and adventure.

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