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Sun, Sea, and Souvlaki!

Sunday, August 31 – Tuesday, September 9, 2025

Indulge in the ultimate end-of-summer getaway to Greece, where you'll unwind in luxurious accommodations, bask in Mediterranean sunsets, and immerse yourself in the beauty of ancient history and pristine beaches.

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Your Epic Greece experience begins with Vacation Envy International

Experience Greece in opulent style with our luxury vacation package that combines lavish accommodations, private tours of ancient archaeological wonders like the Acropolis, and gourmet dining featuring delectable Mediterranean cuisine. Your journey will be enriched by personalized experiences, whether it's sipping fine wines while watching the sunset over Santorini, enjoying spa treatments in world-class resorts, or strolling through charming villages to connect with the warm hospitality of the locals, creating cherished memories of an unforgettable Greek odyssey.


8 nights 

        ◦ 2 nights Athens
        ◦ 2 nights Myknons
        ◦ 4 nights Santorini

Luxury hotel accommodations

Daily breakfast

Athens Dinner and Greek Show

Luxury hydro ferry transport between islands

Tours of Athens and Santorini

Catamaran boat ride with Lunch

Mykonos Beach Club (optional)

Olive and Wine tour and tasting

Greek Paradise

Luxury Tours

Athens Dinner and Greek Show

Experience an enchanting evening in Athens as you step into a renowned restaurant for a memorable dinner and Greek show. Nestled in the heart of the city, our establishment offers a sumptuous feast for the senses, starting with a delectable spread of authentic Greek cuisine, featuring dishes like moussaka, souvlaki, and baklava, expertly prepared with the finest ingredients. As you savor these culinary delights, our live Greek performers will transport you to another era with their mesmerizing traditional music, lively dance performances, and captivating folklore tales. The warm ambiance, exquisite flavors, and captivating entertainment promise an unforgettable night celebrating the rich cultural heritage of Greece.


Athens Tour

Embark on an immersive walking tour of Athens, where the city's timeless history and vibrant modernity converge. Led by a knowledgeable local guide, your journey begins at the iconic Acropolis, where you'll marvel at the Parthenon's majestic columns and explore the ancient ruins of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.  You'll encounter remnants of Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman influences, each adding a layer to Athens' captivating narrative. Along the way, your guide will share captivating stories and insights, revealing the city's rich history and contemporary spirit, making this walking tour a captivating exploration of Athens' multifaceted charm.


Santorini Tour

Embark on a captivating bus and walking tour of Santorini, a stunning Cycladic Island renowned for its dramatic landscapes and picturesque villages. Your adventure begins with a comfortable bus ride, taking you to the island's highlights, including the iconic, blue-domed churches of Oia, the black sand beaches of Kamari, and the ancient ruins of Akrotiri, preserved beneath volcanic ash. Afterward, venture on foot through charming streets, where whitewashed buildings contrast with the azure sea, and explore the enchanting village of Fira. Along the way, your expert guide will share the island's history, geology, and local culture, immersing you in the unique beauty and allure of Santorini, making this tour an unforgettable exploration of one of the world's most captivating destinations.


Santorini Catamaran Boat Ride

Step aboard a luxury yacht for a fantastic half-day at sea during a superb sailing around Santorini day cruise in the morning. Pass by the volcanic hot springs and take a dip in their revitalizing waters around the volcano. Snorkel in the translucent waters at Mesa Pigadia Beach. Lunch is included.


Super Paradise Mykonos Beach Club

Optional.  The inherent grace of stone and wood establishes a calming atmosphere that seamlessly coexists with the beach's natural surroundings. Super Paradise extends the merging of land and sea, evident in our completely revamped spaces where natural elements harmonize with local architecture, seamlessly melding into the breathtaking environment. Amidst the granitic rocks, the pulsating rhythms of a global party scene, the crystal-clear waters, and our delectable cuisine, cocktails, and champagnes, we offer a post-modern interpretation of philoxenia at the beach, continuously welcoming tribes in pursuit of genuine fun and meaningful connections with one another.

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What's Included

Flights - from JFK

Luxury Hotels

        ◦ Athens Hotel: Wyndham Grand 
        ◦ Royal Myconian - Imperial
        ◦ Nous (Santorini)

Standard rooms

All ground transportation

Airport Transfers

Two Ferry rides

Daily breakfast

Athens Dinner and Greek show

Athens and Santorini Tours

Olive and Wine Tasting

English Speaking tour guides

VEI travel specialist.


Full-Service Option

$4,999 per person (double)
$6,799 per person (single)

Land Based Package:

$3,599 per person (double)
$5,399 per person (single)

Payment Plan Option




$99 deposit - per person

$200 monthly per person

May 25, 2025

Free round-trip bus transportation from the DMV to JFK

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