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Purchasing travel insurance is a smart move!  To ensure you're purchasing the best policy for you and your family, here are a few questions you should ask before purchasing a policy.

Trip Coverage

  1. Does this policy cover trip interruptions and Cancellations?

  2. Is this policy valid for my destination, planned activities, and length of stay?

  3. What circumstances and situations are excluded from this policy?

  4. Would I be eligible for reimbursement if my roommate cancels?

Health Coverage

  1. Does this policy cover medical and dental care abroad?

  2. Does this policy cover emergency medical evacuations?

  3. Are there any pre-existing conditions that would exclude me from coverage?

  4. How much medical coverage is recommended for a 7 day vacation?

Policy Basics

  1. What additional coverage do I need beyond what my health insurance provider and/or credit card company offers?

  2. Does this policy require me to pay for expenses upfront and wait for reimbursement from this travel insurance company?

  3. In case of an emergency, is there a 24-hour customer service number for this insurance company?

  4. Is there a Cancel For Any Reason option available for purchase? What are the terms?

                                      Travel Insurance is Essential

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