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Athens & Santorini

Sun, Sea & Greek History

Sunday, August 31 – Monday, September 8, 2025

Embark on a seven-day odyssey exploring the captivating blend of ancient history and stunning landscapes in Athens and Santorini.

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Your Ultimate Global Getaway

Experience the allure of ancient history and vibrant culture with our seven-day journey through Athens and Santorini. Wander through the iconic landmarks of Athens, where every corner reveals tales of antiquity. Then, escape to the enchanting shores of Santorini, where whitewashed villages cling to volcanic cliffs, offering breathtaking views at every turn. Embark on a voyage of discovery and indulge in the timeless beauty of Greece on this unforgettable seven-day adventure.


7 nights 

  • 3 nights Athens
  • 4 nights in Santorini

Stanley Athens Hotel 

El Greco Santorini Hotel

Daily breakfast 

Acropolis & Acropolis Museum Tour

Athens Beach Club

Private Catamaran cruise with Lunch

Santorini Island Tour

Image by Spencer Davis

Deluxe Tours


Explore the rich tapestry of ancient and modern Athens as you wander through iconic landmarks like the Acropolis, Temple of Zeus, and Syntagma Square, immersing yourself in the city's captivating contrasts. Stand in awe before the Parthenon and other treasures of antiquity atop the Acropolis, while just steps away, the contemporary marvel of the Acropolis Museum bridges the gap between past and present with its innovative design and expansive exhibition space, offering a glimpse into Greece's proud heritage. Experience the allure of Athens' timeless allure as you delve into its history and culture, before retiring for the night in this dynamic and vibrant city.


Indulge in a day of seaside luxury and relaxation at an Athens Beach Club, where pristine sands and azure waters await. Lounge in style on comfortable sunbeds while sipping on refreshing cocktails and soaking up the Mediterranean sun. Dive into the crystalline waters for a refreshing swim or try your hand at thrilling water sports activities. Treat your taste buds to exquisite Mediterranean cuisine at the beachfront restaurant, where fresh seafood and local delicacies tantalize the senses against the backdrop of breathtaking coastal views.


Santorini Catamaran Boat Ride

Step aboard a luxury yacht for a fantastic half-day at sea during a superb sailing around Santorini day cruise in the morning. Pass by the volcanic hot springs and take a dip in their revitalizing waters around the volcano. Snorkel in the translucent waters at Mesa Pigadia Beach. Lunch is included.

What's Included

Flights - from JFK

Deluxe Hotels
◦ The Stanley (Athens)
◦ El Greco (Santorini)

Standard rooms

All ground transportation

Airport Transfers

Ferry ride

Daily breakfast

Athens and Santorini Tours

Athens Beach Club

Wine Tasting

English Speaking tour guides

VEI travel specialist


Full-Service Option
$4,199 per person (double)

$5,299 per person (single)

Land Based Package:

$2,799 per person (double)
$3,899 per person (single)

Payment Plan Option




$99 - per person

$200 monthly, per person

May 25, 2025

*Free round-trip bus transportation from the DMV to JFK

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Santorini Island Tour with Wine Tasting

Embark on an unforgettable island tour of Santorini, where every corner reveals breathtaking vistas and rich cultural experiences. Begin your journey in the picturesque village of Oia, renowned for its iconic whitewashed buildings and mesmerizing sunset views over the Aegean Sea. Wander through narrow cobblestone streets adorned with charming boutiques and art galleries, pausing to admire the famous, blue-domed churches that dot the landscape.

After soaking in the beauty of Oia, indulge in a delightful wine tasting experience at one of Santorini's esteemed wineries. Sample a selection of local wines crafted from indigenous grapes grown in the island's volcanic soil, savoring the unique flavors and aromas that define Santorini's winemaking heritage.

As you continue your island exploration, marvel at the rugged cliffs and dramatic landscapes that frame Santorini's coastline. Discover hidden gems along the way, from secluded beaches to ancient ruins steeped in history. Conclude your tour with a sense of awe and appreciation for the unparalleled beauty and charm of Santorini, a destination that captivates the soul at every turn.

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